Friday, October 21, 2011

jekyll island

hello there blog friends! are you still with me? i have lots of things to update you on...mainly the entire month of october! so, why have i been behind? well, it all started with my trip to jekyll. i went on a 3 day, 2 night field trip with my students to jekyll island. it was so much fun, but really exhausting {if you can imagine}. after getting off the bus with all those kiddos friday night, it was time to head to tennessee for the weekend. i had a wonderful weekend in the mountains {more on that later} but came back to a crazy week, complete with a 24 hour flu bug {yay} and hand writing report cards. so, here were are weeks later, and i have so much to catch you up on!

our trip to jekyll island was really fun. for someone that has been to the beach a lot, i learned so much about the wild life and how beaches change over time. we saw lots of critters while on our beach walks: various crabs and even beached jelly fish.
the north end beach of jekyll island is extremely different from the south end. here are some pictures of the north end. this spot use to be a maritime forest, but over time, the beach eroded and the trees died because of the salt water taking over. the huge trees fell and created this grave yard of trees, which were really cool. because fungi and bacteria won't grow here, the trees will not decompose and the salt will actually preserve them. {see i told you i learned a lot!}
we also had herpetology class, full of snakes, turtles, and even alligators. i was brave and held the snake.
then it was off to fish dissecting...which i did not participate in, but did watch.
i played mom a lot and had to pull a variety of stickers out of children and tell them how brave they are...check out the size of this one!
there were also tons of beautiful butterflies!
okay, that's all for now. i'll be back soon with more of october :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

happy 21st birthday, sis!!!

i can't believe you are twenty - one!!!
go shawty, it's yo birfday.
i love you so much!

Monday, October 3, 2011

oh and this, too

i forgot to mention in the weekend post about our outing on sunday. we were strolling the neighborhood, enjoying the brisk, october air when we stumbled upon an estate sale. we have frequented many a yard sale in hopes of finding treasures, but never an estate sale.

it wasn't open yet, so we decided we would head back home, change, and drive back over. i have never had so much drive to run before in my life. if only every day i could have a reason to run. anyways, i am very sore today, thank you estate sale.
our first estate sale definitely gave me a weird feeling. we perused this huge house, digging through these strangers' stuff trying to find a bargain or two. i felt like i was intruding almost. and then i started wondering...what happened to the people who lived here? why are they selling all their stuff? are they alive??? thankfully, the craze of wanting a deal came over me and i was able to push those thoughts aside.

so, what did we get?
a sharper image ionic air filter {still in the plastic}
a 3 inch binder {50 cents}
two books for our bookshelves
and a Christmas wreath

all for $20
that's right.
a steal.

but you want to know what wasn't a steal?
that pretty coffee table that was calling my name.
too bad it was $900!!!
geeze, people.

what is your best yard sale/estate sale bargain?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

weekend update

hope you had a wonderful weekend!
ours was delightfully uneventful :)
we spent our date night friday at murphy's for dinner and palo's gelato for dessert.
two of my favorite spots in atlanta.

at murphy's, i got the steak salad and
hubby got the brisket, like a true texan.
we recommend both.
at palo's, we matched and got the sprinkle cone with fragola gelato.
so, what does 'fragola' mean?
chocolate covered strawberry.
perfection, i know.
i about melted when the lady told me.
might as well change the name to from fragola to kathryn,
because i LOVE chocolate + strawberry combo.


saturday began with the windows open,
a PSL and college gameday.

followed by lots of college football
and a trip to the movies to see moneyball,
which was really good!

i also ordered these business cards this weekend:
from tinyprints :)
can't wait to get them in the mail!

overall, it was a great weekend to start off one of my favorite months,

here's to more days with the windows open,
wearing my boots and scarves,
pumpkins in the market,
and PSL!!!

fall fashion

i am pretty sure that whoever is in charge of starting the fashion trends
had me in mind for fall 2011.
i mean, come on!
all of my favorites, together?
skinny pants
wide leg pants
long skirts
oversized sweaters
antique, gold jewelry
feminine blouses
oh my!!!

i want to jump into this fashion shoot
and steal it all.
especially at minute 2:13.
so cute!