Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy valentine's day

happy valentine's day to my sweet husband, family, and friends. 
i am so blessed to be so loved and to love so many.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

sunday afternoon | westside

 happy rainy tuesday everybody. when is it every going to be sunny again? my weather app says thursday. so, thursday it is! as a photographer, i am constantly checking the weather and hoping for bright, but overcast days.  well, this weekend was surprisingly pleasant outside and we got to spend sunday afternoon with sister and her bf.  i always enjoy showing people around my city and eating at yummy restaurants.  maybe i missed my calling in life on being a tour guide??  anyways, we brunched at west egg, and then walked around the westside, taking everything in.  i have been trying to be better about taking my camera places so i can always be prepared to capture anything.  having my camera in tow allowed me to persuade sister to model for me - see more here, and get some sweet pictures of her and her boyfriend.  i am also so thankful for the new picture that i now have of husband and me together.  it captures both our personalities well! and it has our city in the background. a real winner. besides having the camera for some family shots and blog material, it also allowed me to do something very special for complete strangers.  while we were sitting at west egg brunching, a proposal occurred right behind us!  i had my back to them, so i unfortunately didn't get any pictures of the fiancĂ© down on one knee.  i did, however, snap some really sweet ones of them hugging, laughing, and looking at the engagement ring.  it was such an honor to capture that moment - and the bride-to-be was convinced that her future groom had it all staged! it was great. reason #348,209 why i love my job.

Monday, February 11, 2013

eating our way through athens

last weekend some friends and i hopped over to athens for the day to hang out and basically eat a lot. athens has some of the best restaurants ever, so we indulged. a lot. first up was ike and janes for some doughnuts. then it was off to brunch at big city bread.  most of the photos above are from there.  after brunch we stopped by jittery joes roastery and picked up some coffee.  then, my camera died so i have no more photos to support my type. so, you will just have to take my word for the rest of the day :) we shopped in all of the boutiques and i found some fabulous pieces at agora, which was really exciting.  sister joined in on the downtown fun and we relaxed at trapeze/high wire with snacks and drinks.  we then took a break from downtown and cheered on the Gym Dogs in a victory against Alabama.  all of the previous Gym Dogs were back in town for a reunion, so we got to see our old faves and reminisce on college days.  we topped off the day with last resort, and then waddled home after our fourth meal of the day!  it really was a perfect day, friends.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

look at what we found at scott's!

we spent saturday afternoon perusing scott's antique market.  you may remember me telling you about it here.  it is basically two giant expo centers filled with booths of everything you could ever imagine.  since we live in atlanta, we are fortunate enough to visit it almost every month.  scott's is only open the second weekend of every month, so if you live out of town, plan accordingly!  this month, we weren't looking for any furniture this time, just odds and ends. although we didn't end up finding anything we wanted to buy, i got to take a lot of fun pictures of interesting things and we did run into a lot of great people! we saw some of my sorority sisters from georgia, some friends from athens, small group friends and their sweet boy (see below), and oh yeah i met my favorite "blog friends" darby and erika. i have been following both of their blogs for 3 years now and it was so surreal to see them in person and meet them.  they are even sweeter than i could have ever imagined.  i told them how much i loved them and how much i knew about them and they kindly accepted my stalkerness and we chatted about life.  it was such a delight to get to meet them and it made me love them even more.  we even snagged a photo for documented proof for all you darby+erika fans out there.  if you ever see this darby and erika, thank you for being such amazing sisters and so kind to a complete stranger!  hope our paths will cross again :)