Wednesday, May 23, 2012


my georgia boy phillip phillips won american idol tonight. my predictions for the top two were correct yet again. hope he makes a great record soon!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

under the weather

oh hey there. i hope you are feeling better than i am! i have been a little under the weather for a week now - you know allergies / sinus / cold - whatever it is.  i was starting to feel a lot better on friday and then i pushed it. i am trying to finish up a read aloud in my class and read (with emphasis, mind you) for almost 3 hours on friday. then the much needed weekend came and it just so happened to be a jammed packed, feels like summer is already here, kind of weekend.  i had a lot of fun, but as i chatted and chatted, my voice began to crack and now i'm mute. well, i don't really know if i can talk or not, because i haven't spoken since last night.  if you know me, not talking for an entire day is quite a feat!   i am hoping that my diligence and throat remedies will pay off and i will be able to speak at my kiddos graduation tomorrow night without sounding like a man.  oh and don't worry, today i bought the audio version of the book so we will be able to finish it! (why didn't i do that in the first place?)  i am thankful for a sweet husband who has taken care of me all day long with these "medicines" to soothe my throat::  

looking forward to summer and getting to post a lot more! 
have a great week!

Monday, May 7, 2012

weekend fun

hey there! i hope you had a wonderful weekend.
just wanted to pop in and share some events and photos from our weekend.

friday night, we dined at abattoir  
and then met friends at jct's - perfect evening.
it was our first time to abattoir and let me tell you,
it was GOOD! i loved everything that we ate, but my favorites were:
warm pretzel with pimento cheese dip and the chocolate chess cake. wow.
no pictures, because we ate it so fast! 
on saturday we checked out brookhaven's famers market.
and had our first king of pops of the season ::

then we headed to piedmont park for a stroll with our friend katie
and this precious boy she was babysitting ::
isn't he adorable?
after walking the park,
we celebrated cinco de mayo 

with lunch at willies :: 

we topped off our wonderful saturday
with ingrid michaelson at variety playhouse. so fun.

hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, May 4, 2012

life, recently | iphone photos

here is a little glimpse into what i've been up to throughout the past week!
1. antico with my girls
2. sweet cards my students made for ranger brooks
3. ranger brooks at graduation
4. gift from a student: a wikki skix replica of myself :)
5. table setting at church of the apostles' genuine wisdom conference.
 see more photos here and here.
6. my new thing :: iced coffee...uh oh
7. supper at rosebud - amazing! get the scallops.
8. homemade red velvies. get recipe here.
9. motivational sticky. summer, here i come.

hope you have a wonderful weekend!