Wednesday, December 15, 2010

sneak peak:: graham's graduation

last week i took some graduation photos of our friend graham, who just graduated from the business school with tyler. his wife also joined in for some cute photos in front of the auburn sign. we didn't have much light, since it gets dark here at 4:30; however, we were able to snap a few good ones! here is a sneak peak!

oh my gosh, what have i been doing?

well, first of all, i have been neglecting the blog. every day that passes by and i don't post, i know it's just one more topic/event that i am going to have to squeeze into a jumbo post. will this be a jumbo post? not sure yet. i have a list of things to get accomplished before my ten o'clock bed time. one thing on the list is to finish these guys:
chocolate covered pretzels. one of my mom's christmas specialties that i have picked up.

well, just like i have been behind in blogging, i have also been behind in getting ready for christmas. i bought our christmas cards at the end of october, trying to get ahead before my list of to-dos even started. welp, they are still sitting in the bag. oops. but if you only knew how crazy life has been you would forgive me for my tardiness.

tonight i am going to pick a picture if it's the last thing i do. most of our events lately have been revolving around auburn football. the games have been pretty exciting around here! i am sad to say that we missed out on the photo op with this guy at the sec championship game:

yep. charles barkley everyone.

i have been putting off the selection of our christmas card picture because i really wanted the picture to be some artsy cool picture of the two of us in a field. they caption would read "merry christmas from the plains". get it? we live in auburn and they call it the plains. i know, i know. so creative {ha}. unfortunately that idea never came to fruition. maybe next year, you say? NOPE. i have been meaning to announce this...really i have.

ahh, okay here it goes. tyler got a job and we are moving to the ATL this summer! woohoo super exciting. i will blog more about the move when it gets closer. the planner in me wants to prepare for atlanta already. but you know how much i love to pack! thankfully we have some time.

now with the job news, that can only mean one thing: tyler graduated! tyler is officially an "auburn man" as my dad puts it. i have to say, they are all very handsome!
graduation was monday; probably the coldest day in auburn thus far. i'm talking in the teens and in the twenties. thankfully the sun was shining!
after graduation we of course had to have a little party to celebrate!
some of the boys
some of the girls
woohoo!!! done with school!!!

okay, got to run. that's all for now! oh and i totally know that my header is out of season. working on that!

Friday, November 26, 2010

the deb ball and turkey day

wednesday night was the ye mystic krewe of gasparilla's debutante ball, and it was sister's year!
has it really been four years, ty?
our friend jodi came over and got anna lynn ready for her big evening. isn't she just glamorous?
dad and sister were perfect! after the presentation, it was time for the cowboy boots :)

for thanksgiving, we started the day visiting my mom's family and enjoyed a delicious lunch, complete with turkey, lots of veggies, and grandma's famous sugar cookies.
for thanksgiving dinner, we celebrated with my dad's family and stuffed ourselves once again. talk about a great day! it was also my uncle's birthday, so off course we had a little alpine cake!
after meal #2, the cousins hung out and watched texas a&m beat texas. it was the perfect end to a wonderful thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

oh yeah, spirit week

i totally forgot to share with you some hilarious pics from last week. see, last week was spirit week at my school. aka i dressed for work out of the box labeled "crazy costumes". it was awesome. and right up my alley. below are my favorite pics of the week.
monday: tacky day, obvi
thursday: famous figure day. i was mrs. claus. complete with coffee filter bonnet and santa earrings. definitely got me in the christmas spirit!

the best part about these outfits? i didn't have to buy a thing. been collecting these gems since my high school days.

thanksgiving feast

last thursday we had our 2nd annual small group thanksgiving feast. y'all know how much i love traditions! this year it took place at kelly and dan's precious new house! it was a lovely evening filled with tons of laughter and yummy food. dan fried us all a turkey and we had lots of delicious thankgiving-y {that should be a word} sides! i can't even begin to tell you how blessed we are to be a part of this group. we love our church and friends!
pretty pumpkins
cutting the bird

me and my honey. we are starting to look grown up!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


this weekend was the ole geogia/auburn weekend. i was so excited to have my beautiful bulldogs in town. we had a wonderful weekend together full of yummy food and lots of laughter. my weekend started early with my sister coming to town on thursday. we had a blast together on friday making jewelry and eating at amsterdams. {regretting that i don't have a picture of our beautiful necklaces about now}.

on friday, the rest of the gang got to town and we had the traditional pizza party. this consisted of making homemade pizzas at an incredibly slow pace while enjoying some wine {again, no pics, fail.}

saturday was a beautiful fall day on the plains, and i felt right at home in my red and black. despite the loss to the wartigers {it was time...hadn't lost to them since 2005} and sitting in front of the most disgusting guys ever, we enjoyed our saturday.

i am so incredibly blessed to have these girls in my life. i am so thankful that the Lord led me to georgia and put such perfect friends in my life. it really is great to be a georgia bulldog!
yummy chocolate cake and ice cream

sister and her sweet friends
sisterly love

Thursday, November 4, 2010

just one more.

found this little gem tonight when finishing their photo cd. just had to share!

Monday, November 1, 2010

ryan lily

last week i took some portraits of ryan lily at kiesel park, a local dog park in auburn. we had so much fun running around and she was very intrigued by the dogs! thank you friends for letting me capture your daughter's beauty. enjoy!