Sunday, October 31, 2010

doug and patty's halloween party

for halloween this year, we decided to throw a little halloween costume party with our small group from church. tyler and i have always wanted to dress up as doug and patty from the hit cartoon of our day, doug. so, we were super excited that everyone wanted to get together and celebrate. this picture perfectly captures our personalities about party planning and decorating for holidays. growing up, my family loved celebrating seasons and holidays and making them fun, and i plan on continuing that tradition!
the spread
jim, your artwork was perfect!
graveyard cups :)
bandaged toes
"hugged porkies" aka pork tenderloin sliders
amelia earhart and her plane! also the winners of the costume contest!
fred and wilma
auburn girl and auburn guy {complete with tights & uggs and frat strap}
speed bump and sign {it's hard to tell, but aimee is pregnant!}
two crazy candy corns :)
the gange, prom style

we had such a blast with everyone. the night was full of great costumes, delicious food, football watching, and even some fun games! thanks everyone for coming!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

carving party

last night, we joined the harts for our second annual pumpkin carving party. the evening consisted of eating way too many of chane's amazing pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, lots of pumpkin guts, tons of creativity and a few close encounters with knives and fire. we again realized how difficult pumpkin carving is {even with the $4 kits!} and discussed the origin of this fall pastime {the irish started it. who knew?} last year i went for the ever challenging spider web, which is never to be duplicated again. so, this year i chose the hoot-owl. definitely a lot easier then charlotte's web.
we did have a lot of creativity flowing, and the hart's even designed their own! tyler also discovered etching and made an entirely new design on the back of his pumpkin. what a fun night! here we are with our masterpieces!
happy almost halloween!

sneak peak:: ryan lily

this afternoon was my first photo shoot with sweet ryan lily. we had a blast running around kiesel park searching for dogs and enjoying fall. many more cute ones to come!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

spider cookies

i made these fun little treats for our small group last night :) double stuff oreos, pretzel sticks, a lil peanut butter and some m&ms for the eyes. what's not to love?! happy halloween week!

Monday, October 25, 2010

the greatest halloween song ever.

"thriller" by michael jackson

pumpkin patchin'

let me just start off with saying fall is my favorite. growing up in sunny florida, i never got to really experience fall. yes, it got cooler, and yes we carved pumpkins and ate festive foods, but there is just nothing like fall in the south. as i type this, i am semi freaking out that my favorite month is rapidly coming to an end. there is still so much to do!!! i need to go get stuff for our halloween costume and finish working on details for our small group's upcoming halloween dinner. so, i will just get on with this post. today we finally went and picked out our pumpkins. we have been meaning to do this for a while now, but we just have not had the time. we went out to farmer in the dell's pumpkin patch after school and got us two beauties. can't wait to carve them with the hart's on wednesday!
just a little photo fun

Sunday, October 24, 2010

sweet baby girl

this afternoon we got to babysit our friends' little girl, ryan lily. isn't she just adorable?!

Friday, October 22, 2010

last weekend on the plains...

kendall and drew came to visit us!!! the sweet eckhardts came to auburn all the way from houston for the weekend. we had a blast showing them around auburn. this was their first sec vs sec game experience, and the auburn/arkansas game definitely did not disappoint!
my favorite part, the band.
after the win, we took them to toomers to experience the tradition of rolling the trees. it was nuts!
the gang + my cousin enjoying the win.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

zeta greek grind

champs once again.
university of georgia's zeta tau alpha won sigma delta tau's philanthropy dance competition last night. check out little sister {birthday girl} on the right towards the back. i am so honored to call you my real sister. you crunk, girl. congratulations girls for winning two years in a row!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

happy birthday, sis

twenty. here's to your golden year.
so thankful that you were born.
philippians 1:3

Monday, October 18, 2010

in honor of the undefeated #4 tigers. this town is going to be crazy this weekend. lswho?


well, two weeks ago we drove to birmingham and headed out west for a wedding in lubbock and we also visited tyler's family in midland. it seems like forever ago, so i will try my best to remember the trip. it took us almost all friday to finally get to midland, so after we landed and ate, we headed to the high school. i got to go to my first texas high school football game and pretend like i was on friday night lights. the stadium was enormous and there was definitely a lot of talent on the football field to be proud of; however, texans should not be proud of these outfits. no one looks good in a silver sparkle cowboy hat. no one.
friday night lights.
state pride on the fifty yard line.
we even got to go on the sideline and watch the game while papa bruce worked his magic on the players
saturday we drove to lubbock for a wedding {boo red raiders}. tyler got to see everyone that went to his high school {not really, but a ton} which was a lot of fun. i didn't bring the camera into the wedding, so all i have are some scenic pictures. i am in the process of blogging about this past weekend. i am determined to get caught up!!! enjoy the west.

Monday, October 11, 2010

today i was in a meeting all day, so i wasn't in the classroom teaching like i normally am. i did stop by my room a few times to pick some things up and my students were SO excited to see me. they were yelling my name like i was famous or something. it was hilarious and a little odd at the same time. it was like they hadn't seen me in weeks. i kept on telling them "gosh, i feel like justin bieber". every time i said that, at least one of my students yelled out some crazy bieber fact. it was cute to see how excited they were to talk to me and tell me some bieber story. they know the way to my heart. i know that they will give me the same welcome tomorrow when they come in my class to take notes on multiplying fractions {come on, i can dream can't i?}

so here is to my bieber fever and crazy sixth graders.

justin bieber "one time"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

babysitting, books, & a very busy week

first off, i can't believe it's wednesday. this week has been CRAZY busy, but at least the work week is flying by. monday i babysat some angel babies all night which was fun. the kids rode bikes forever and then i got to do the nightly mom routine of dinner, cleaning the kitchen, baths, reading books, reading some more books, and bedtime. it was a workout but so sweet and precious. here is a picture of the little pumpkin on her big girl bike with juan, the smallest dog ever. i know, adorable.

tyler and i have both been super busy with our respective schools. the end of the 9 weeks is upon me, which means tests are happening, lots of grading, grades are due, etc. despite the week being stressful, it has been a good one. three sweet mommas gave us gift certificates to the book fair that is currently going on at school. i was thrilled to see these two on the shelf, and i quickly made them mine.
we are flying to texas friday for a friend's wedding, and you better believe i am packing these two! i am so tempted to read them now, but i have so much work to do before we can leave town. oh, like packing. woops. you know how much i love packing. especially for this kind of weather. don't get me wrong, i love sweater weather, but we are in such a transitional time. it's like i need to pack a little bit of everything in order to be prepared.
tyler and i met up for some chill yogurt for a little date {since i have seen him for about 3 hours since sunday evening...that kind of week} tonight, so i am currently wired on sugar. now, to channel that into energy into packing...

Monday, October 4, 2010

"you and i" by ingrid michaelson

yay, it's finally sweater weather.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

the past two weekends...

hello there readers. welp, i told you that i was going to blog last thursday, and i lied. gosh, i feel so behind in blogging. i really hate jumbo blog posts that include all of these random things, but if i want to get back on track, i feel like there is no other option but to unload everything. okay, so i'll begin with two fridays ago.
we started off that weekend downtown at auburn's downtown block party. martha's trouble was playing and we got to enjoy the small town atmosphere.
saturday was game day in auburn {but without gameday and getting on tv}. we enjoyed tailgating and watching auburn beat south carolina. it was another beautiful sunset on the plains.
and we had so much fun watching the game with our friends kelly and dan!
sunday was a huge day. the day we said good bye to all of our Friends - monica, chandler, rachel, ross, phoebe, and joey. yes, i know they aren't really my friends, let alone real people...
but it is so much more than a tv show. when we were dating, tyler and i talked about how one day when we were married, we wanted to watch the entire series of friends. so, when we got engaged i decided to buy it for him as an engagement present. after we got married and moved to auburn, we started the journey with Friends. we loved watching this show episode after episode over the past year and a half and getting to know these characters. im so glad we decided to become fans of a hilarious show that will always remind me of our first year of marriage.

fast forward through the work week to this past weekend...
sweet lindsay grace came to visit! we had a wonderful saturday together, eating lunch at earth fare and walking around downtown. we even tried out the new yogurt place in town - chill. it was amazing! if you haven't been, go. right now. saturday night we had a little pizza party and watched our georgia bulldogs lose...again. at least we were winning during part of the game and i got to get in some cheering. for dinner we had a little bbq chicken pizza...
some veggie pizza...
and of course some fruit pizza!
for breakfast this morning, we had parfaits {greek yogurt, kashi go lean crunch cereal and berries!} and banana chocolate chip pancakes on the porch. it was so lovely outside that we even put on sweatshirts and socks! yay fall. you have arrived.
thanks lindsay for visiting and bringing fall treats with you!!!