Thursday, January 31, 2013

scenes from last weekend

 just some moments captured from our weekend in good ole auburn. 
we ate, rested, watched movies, enjoyed the fire, painted nails, laughed a lot, ate some more, and played with gus the pup. 
more pictures of my favorite furry friend, soon. 
p.s. have you seen pitch perfect? it is hilarious. definitely a good rental!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

crazy weather hump day

well it is a pretty yucky day here in the atl. after going over tornado drill protocol in my head all day, and getting soaked on my way to my car, i am happy to be safe and home. besides being thankful for no tornado occurrence, i am thankful for a few other things: one that our spiffy condo has a parking garage so i didn't have to get drenched any more than i already was. two, thankful that i get to see all of our wonderful friends' christmas cards when i first walk in the door. i love that i hung them up there this year - i just may keep them up until we move one day. three, i am thankful that my in-laws got me hunter boots for christmas.  i check the weather every morning on my phone and when the prediction is rain i actually get excited, thanks to said boots. four, i am thankful for our big windows and our beautiful view of buckhead.  it really is cool.  five, i am thankful for my beautiful new office and for the most amazing computer i have ever used.  wait, what? yes, we finally purchased the big girl and got a mac desktop.  a photographer's dream, i tell you. which reminds me, i need to take pictures and show you my office space. just need to get it a bit more organized and then i will reveal.  if it is raining where you are, get inside! and drink something hot. and if you have to go outside, i hope you enjoy your rain gear :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

model behavior

this weekend, the daniels joined us for another trip to the country.  the weather was wonderful, so i convinced meghan to model for me.  hop on over to my photography blog and check them out!  more to come on our weekend in the country.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

after the rain

happy hump day, friends. i decided to adventure out this afternoon and enjoy nature.  our concrete jungle condo is conveniently next to one of the best parks in atlanta. it is secret and hidden and clean and pretty and there are ducks! we have lived here for over a year and a half, and i have only been over there a handful of times.  i didn't really make new years resolutions this year, but i have been thinking about how i need to get out of this ivory tower more and enjoy nature.  thankfully my job requires me to be creative and it pushes me to look at things with different eyes.  photography challenges me so much and forces me to be more observant.  so, today i went out there, to see what i could see. going outside was like a breath of fresh air to my soul.  the constant rain has trapped me inside for three long days this week.  teaching ten year olds without recess is really a nightmare, and something i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.  so, when the sky lightened up and the rain subsided this afternoon, i knew i had to use the available light. luckily, there were lots of beautiful things to see and capture.  hope you enjoy.  and what's next with the weather?? maybe a little snoooow!      

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

new york, part iv

part four of our new york trip:: eataly, salted caramel gelato, empire state building, subway riding, macy madness, dylan's candy bar, and more christmas lights.  hands down most magical weekend in 2012...

be back soon with the final installment of the most packed weekend ever!

Monday, January 7, 2013

my boyfriend's back

look who came to visit me over christmas break! 
you may remember this precious face from here and here.
baby simon {along with his wonderful momma and daddy} 
stopped in atlanta on their way to visit family.
we loved our visit! just wish y'all lived in georgia :) 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

new york, part iii

are you still with me on our new york trip part iii? i took so many photos, i just can't seem to stop blogging about our fabulous trip.  okay so part iii picks up after the visit to the 9/11 memorial.  we went over to the west village/greenwich village and tried to blend in with all the celebrities.  we didn't see any there - but we did see ty pennington near madison square park later that day.  after a few hours {story of my life} i thought of how i should have yelled to him "move that bus!" original, i know, but it would have been hilarious to see the look on his face {and the face of my family} i digress. back to my future home, i mean grennwich village. it is as fabulous as you dream it to be.  the little shops, boutiques, restaurants, flats, they are all a dream. dream, i tell you!  we stopped in housing works to "thrift" and got some coffee from mcnulty's, which has been around since 1895.  after perusing bleecker street, we headed to NYU and hung out in washington square park.  the arch was magnificent, the tree was beautiful, and to top it off there was a man playing the piano. it was all kind of magical, and probably my favorite part of the trip.  until next time, greenwich village, i love you.