Wednesday, September 29, 2010

woo hoo, pep rally!!!

hello blog readers! i've been meaning to blog since last thursday {really, i have}, but i've just not had the time to! so, let the update begin. last thursday my school had their first fall pep rally. we take our pep rallies very seriously and everyone gets really into them. we have team cheers complete with corresponding dance moves and everyone paints their faces their team colors. if you know me well, then you know that this is right up my alley. we practice and practice these cheers the week before the pep rally so much that i go to sleep with them in my head. this year, our new cheer was a combination of the pop hits "dynamite" and "all we do is win" {two of my faves}. i so wish i had a video to show you the cheers. they are awesome! unfortunately all i have are some crazy photos..

so this was me last thursday at work:
eeek! scary, i know. but at least i didn't fall through the bleachers this year and make my leg look like this:
even scarier. the story on this? okay, so we were practicing in the gym and i was walking up the bleachers passing out shakers when all of a sudden drop! there goes my left leg in between the bleacher sections. just my left, not my right, so you can imagine what this looked like...

well, luckily this year's pep rally season started off without any catastrophes! here is my team all decked out looking fabulous!
such a fun day!

more to come. tomorrow. hopefully.

Monday, September 27, 2010

"Lost" by Coldplay.
today was just a perfect coldplay day. one of those real, deep, reflective days where you recognize time and where you are in life and all you want to do is write down everything you are thinking/feeling. love it. and love this song.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GLEE - Season 2 Promo "New York"

fall television finally starts back up this week!!! i am super excited about having glee and the office back in my life {rip lost, 24, and american idol with simon cowell} this season of glee looks like it is going to be awesome! i am especially pumped about them going to new york and doing my favorite jay-z song. tune in tonight for the season premier!

Monday, September 20, 2010

in honor of pep rally week:
Song #2 "dynamite" by taio cruz

weagle, weagle

our weekend was auburntastic to say the least. it started off friday night at the auburn business school scholarship ceremony and dinner. after that, we walked downtown and enjoyed some yogurt while listening to the bands at the friday night block party. all the little families were out and about and it was precious. saturday we woke up early and headed to campus for gameday. no, i am not claiming to be a huge auburn fan, i'm just a huge gameday fan. plus, tyler had never been to gameday before, and i had to show him the ropes {yes, i went to gameday in college and was on tv}. so, we slapped together a poster in the car ride to campus and attached the poster to our broom with some tape. funny thing was that when we got to the gate to get in, they wouldn't let us come in because of the broom. already sweating, i told tyler that we weren't leaving until we get on tv. so, i chucked the broom and tried to re-enter. the guards at the gate almost didn't let us again, because they were concerned that my poster was offensive.
after telling them the cheer, they let me in. just typing this i am overwhelmed with so much auburn. i can't handle it. go dawgs. okay, back to gameday. i was so close to erin andrews, that i almost joined in with all the frat guys yelling "erin! erin!" i can't help it. she is so cool! thanks to climbing on tyler's shoulders {yes, i was that girl} i made it on the tv.
here is a closer look. the picture quality is poor because this is a picture of the tv.
after my 15 seconds of fame, we left and headed home. after relaxing and watching the georgia game {almost, dawgs!} we started tailgating. it was great seeing friends on campus, and the family that i babysat for this summer was in town, so we got to see them too! i enjoyed the beginning and the end of the football game. you understand if you watched that game..
so cool!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

day at camp

my team and i went to camp ascca last week. it was a beautiful hot day full of team building activities and get to know you games. the kids had a blast and i entertained myself by taking what seemed like 500 pictures. i have been editing them this weekend so i can make some sort of slide show or cd to give to the parents. i won't be posting them, but i just couldn't resist sharing this one. i don't know why, but i love this picture! this one is from when they had to jump rope together.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

martha's trouble

okay, so i know it's not monday, but i don't think i can wait until next monday to post about some more music. i wanted to introduce you to my favorite new musicians. the band is called martha's trouble and they live in auburn! no, i did not take their picture {i wish!}; i got it off of their myspace page. the band consists of the lead singer and her husband {pictured above} and another guy who plays the guitar. their genre is alternative-folk rock-pop {according to their myspace} and they are a-mazing! the husband and wife actually go to our church and lead worship, so i feel like i know them. tyler and i have also taught their son in sunday school and he is the sweetest, coolest kid you will ever meet. like, my favorite five year old on the planet. so check them out!!! they have music on itunes and their pandora station is awesome. oh, and if you are in auburn, they have a lot of concerts coming up!

Monday, September 13, 2010

i have decided to start a little thing that i like to call "music mondays". mondays can sometimes be pretty blah, so i have decided to start the work week off with a song {it also helps that both words start with the letter "m". yes, alliteration}. so, each monday i will share a different song. the tunes will come from a variety of genres, and i will always include the title and artist. hope you enjoy the music!

song #1: "Come Awake" by David Crowder

now aren't you sweet.

thank you, sweet husband for surprising me with these amazing hydrangeas!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

fruit pizza

happy sunday morning! we have been enjoying our morning before church doing some chores and enjoying some time on the porch. i love waking up and doing stuff before we go to church. it makes the day seem longer and therefore the weekend longer! i have been meaning to blog about fruit pizza for a while now. i have been making this delicious dessert for years and every time i make it, i realize just how much i love it. it is super easy and always a crowd favorite. it's also great for breakfast!

what you need:
  1. a tube of sugar cookie dough {i cheat and use the pre-made stuff. you could also make it from scratch, but who can beat pillsbury?}
  2. 8 oz of softened cream cheese {i use reduced fat}
  3. 1 cup of powdered sugar
  4. 1/2 tsp of vanilla
  5. fruit
what to do:
  1. roll out cookie dough onto a baking sheet
  2. bake dough at 350 degrees {according to package}
  3. let dough cool
  4. in a separate bowl, combine cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla
  5. after cookie has cooled, spread cream cheese mixture on top
  6. decorate with favorite fruit and chill in fridge until ready to enjoy!

Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day weekend

for labor day weekend, i peaced out of auburn on friday and drove down to st. simon's, georgia for a delightful beach weekend. tyler was so sweet to let me spend my long weekend relaxing on the beach while he held down the fort in tiger town. the weekend was so restful which was exactly what i needed. getting there, on the other hand was a bit stressful...
my gps took me on a wild ride through the middle of no where. while it was beautiful scenery, i was in desperate need of gas and some civilization.
finally, a gas station. after not seeing one for over an hour and driving on empty for 33.5 miles, this was a beautiful sight.
saturday, we slept in late and enjoyed watching part of the georgia game in our pjs before hitting the beach. the beach was packed with kiddies and football fans sporting their favorite sec paraphernalia. it was so great to be with fellow bulldawgs on the first saturday of football season.
sunset on the way to a fabulous dinner!
excited for coastal kitchen
the sarahs
such a wonderful weekend with friends. thanks for picking me up in macon, katie and thanks for hosting us, sarah!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

project #2: the doors

oh the doors. so, i bought two huge cabinet doors from this wood warehouse in athens a few years ago, and used them as a headboard when i was in college. well, since i don't sleep in a twin bed anymore, they have been collecting dust ever since i graduated. so, when we moved into our apartment, i knew i had to do something with them to justify moving them again. after we settled all of our furniture into the rooms, i realized that we had this awkward corner in our living room that was in need of some decorating. so, i decided i would place the doors there and create a little "nook". since our walls our "hospital white", i decided to paint the white doors and bring a little color into the space. i decided to paint them the same blue color that we had in our old house. i got a little crazy and decided to try crackle paint. it was a fun and long process, mainly because of the off-and-on rain storms we experienced all weekend. here are some pictures of the process:
first coat: a stone color {the same color that i used on the bar stools}
adding the crackle paint {valspar's weathered crackle glaze. tip#1: more glaze = more crackle}
the last coat of paint {tip #2: the paint will crack as you apply it, so apply the paint thick enough, because if you keep brushing over the same spot, the paint will peel and get clumpy.}
the finished product!
i just had to zoom in on these pictures...tyler and me both at age 3. not much has changed.