Friday, December 27, 2013

christmas, this year | iPhone photos

life has been pretty busy lately, and lots has been going on over on my other blog.  fall was filled with great clients, new and old.  sister got engaged over thanksgiving, which was very exciting and fun to be a part of.  amongst all the shoots and editing, i really tried to take in christmas this year and enjoy it in our new house and with our new pup.  below are some snap shots that i took throughout the season on my phone.  i have some "real" photos that i will share eventually, as well as pictures from our little weekend in the city (new york!)  below you will find : our five christmas cards, a proper place for our stockings (finally!), my baby pup, first time using china, dinner with our friends, P doing some last minute shopping for herself, our annual Christmas Eve snow crab supper, and lots of lounging and snoozing :)

 hope everyone had a merry christmas!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

raining leaves

it rained leaves this weekend and penny was just a little bit excited about it.
the colors and volume of leaves was simply overwhelming.
i predict a lot of raking in our future :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

doggie in the window

penny in the window seat.
just enjoying life and taking it all in.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

fire and wine

a few sundays ago we ended the weekend with a little fire and wine.  maybe my new favorite combo and a pretty amazing way to end a wonderful weekend.  windows and doors were open, welcoming the best month of the year - october.  friends came over and we caught up over some nice red and a smokey fire.  yes, it was as good as it sounds!  penny of course was in heaven, with lots of attention from our friends.  she sure is a ham.  ps she may now have her own instagram account (@pennymccrary) :) happy fall everyone!   

Thursday, September 19, 2013

playing in the grass

finally blogging these cute pics of pen. i can't believe she has been in our family for almost three weeks.  life with a puppy has definitely been an adventure and has completely changed our lives. it's crazy because i don't even know what i did all day before she came into our lives...what real mom's always say! to all the real mothers of little ones out there, i know i am just a dog mom, but my days now feel like they did when i nannied infants. so fun, yet so tiring. oh and also hard to get anything done.  but when i see that little face begging me to play with her for the third hour in a row, it's really hard to ignore; especially when she is growing so fast and soon she will be too big to carry. okay, i'll stop now - i'm starting to sound like a dog version of that "i love you forever" book. haha. so below are pictures of penny in the grass one evening - back when it felt like summer outside and we were all in shorts. we had such a mild summer that i'm kind of sad to see it go.  don't get me wrong, i am loving the cool mornings and leaving the windows open! i just need to get in the fall spirit with some PSL or maybe buy some mums :) 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mumford & Sons

such a fun concert last night at centennial olympic park! reason #243,568 why I love this pretty city. 
ps this is only about 1/3 of the people that were there! crazy packed. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

finding our penny

if you have seen the photo collage video i made on instagram (@kathrynmccrary) then these pictures may be a little repetitive.  i tried to document the trip as best as i could with both my camera and iphone. these are the real photos of our trip to pick up our penny.  

as you can see from the photo above, our trip to pick her up started very early.  the fog was really thick in the morning and the hills of north alabama were so pretty.  i kept asking my sweet husband to pull over and model for me in the woods - the light, the fog, the landscape were just screaming for a photoshoot; however, due to time restraint (that's what i tell myself) he said we couldn't stop and he wouldn't model for me.  after we finally made it to the middle of no where, the breeder took us to see our new baby.  it was so cute to see her modeling for us through the fence and saying "pick me!! take me home!!!".  i mean, those eyes! melt my heart.  i guess you could say i found myself a new model :)