Friday, March 8, 2013

my new personalized date pillow!

check out my new personalized date pillow from my friend chanĂ© at what the hart likes! i love her fun etsy shop and i am so excited about these new pillows.  i chose our wedding date for my pillow, and it goes perfectly in our living room chair.  these will make such fun engagement gifts/wedding gifts/baby gifts!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

new look, same blog

you may have noticed some changes going on around in these parts over the past week.  i have been wanting to change the domain name/url of our blog probably since 2010. the hard thing about starting a blog is that you have to find a catchy title AND an available domain name.  #digitalworldproblems, i know.  not sure how long you have been following along, but when i started this blog as a newlywed in auburn, alabama i had no idea that i would become so into blogging/photography/graphic design.  when i started a time for everything i really had no direction for this blog. hence the broad title.  while i had no idea that the fairly new blog world would help change my life, i did have some experience with blogger from a little blog that i made during my study abroad time in london.  so, blogger was a natural blog host for me to choose. was already taken, so was settled on.  over the past few years i have fondly referred to my blog as "tk" for short, thanks to one of my friends for getting that stuck in my head.  "tk" was a place for me to share newlywed stuff, like recipes, decorating, and our adventures with friends and family, while trying to keep everyone up to date on our lives.  our blog also provided me a space to share my passion for photography and the early stages of my photography company.  html coding, layouts, and editing, all prepared me for being able to create my photography business from the comfort of my couch.  it's crazy to look back (and embarrassing!) and see how far i've come and how much more direction i now have.  i am so blessed and thankful that the Lord has led me to this place of passion and focus.  although a time for everything will no longer be my blog title, ecclesiastes 3 will still be true for our lives.  as new adventures come our way, i'm sure the focus and feel of this blog will change and grow; however, with the new look and title (new domain/url is being bid on currently - fingers crossed i win!) i am able to move forward with my career as a photographer and still continue with our family blog.  the thought of just have my company blog hurts my heart, so a more cohesive and connected blog is crucial for my blogging mind.  the content and style of this blog won't change much; however, it will just be more of a personal extension of my photography website.  the title "writing our story with light" stems from my photography motto and my personal interpretation of what being a photographer means to me.  feel free to read more here and  here.  i hope you enjoy the new look and stick around for more adventures of the everyday life of a photographer. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

beer, bourbon, and bbq fest

what a title! probably not the first place you would think to find me on a freezing (did i mention freezing) saturday afternoon.  when tyler's bestie from work invited us earlier last week to atlantic station's beer, bourbon, and bbq festival i texted tyler back saying "sounds fun, but it looks like snow on saturday".  we both shrugged off the weather man's predictions with ideas of "it rarely snows in atlanta" and "i'm sure they will have heaters" and "it doesn't matter, it will be a lot of fun".  while the latter was true, it did in fact snow some and atlantic station was not prepared for the low temperatures.  sure, they had tents that were bearable, however, all of the food trucks were out in the open breeze.  if it wasn't for my love of hand cut fries and for our friends, i think my tears would have frozen right there on my face.  in the end, i am so glad that we went and got to experience a fun event that makes atlanta so great.  plus, our favorite brewery was there representing.  after we left the freezing, snow flurrying cold, we topped off the night at antico with some warm and delicious pizza.  you can see more photos here - caution, they will make you hungry. enjoy!

Monday, March 4, 2013

king philip from the house of carroll

last weekend we headed down south and escaped winter for a brief moment to celebrate my dad becoming king of gasparilla.  we got to dress up all fancy for the 2013 coronation ball. it was so much fun to see family for the weekend and get to celebrate! if you have never heard of gasparilla, then check out the official page to learn more! it would take too long for me to explain it, and you can't beat the music on the official page :) you can also read more here and see some photos from the event in the newspaper here. congratulations, papa for becoming the 100th king of ye mystic krewe of gasparilla!

Sunday, March 3, 2013