Sunday, January 15, 2012

saturday in the 20s

last night we celebrated our friend's birthday in style.
1920s style, that is.
birthday girl and baby-to-be looked great
as she roared out of her 20s and entered her 30s.
such a creative theme and fun party!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

passion, in our city

check out some of the passion sessions

also, here are some recent podcasts that i've listened to that i want to share: learning contentment (via matt chandler's church in dallas...just scroll down and select "learning contentment")

substance over shadows (also from matt chandler's church)

holy spirit (from mark driscoll's church in seattle spoken at the new mexico campus)

a great way to start off 2012!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

her days are numbered.

well, it's my first post in the new year, and i am still talking about christmas.

and yes, i'm talking about my tree again.
i realized that i never really shared the finished product.
so here she is, all done up, in my "rustic chic" theme.

i had never really done a themed tree before,
but i was so bored with just the strands of lights and colorful ornaments.
so, i went to hobby lobby and walmart
and found a few goodies.

i used some burlap for the skirt,
and trimmed with lace {from the fabric section}
strands of gold beads,
twigs, gold ball ornaments,
these white sprig things {looks almost like baby's breath}
and topped it with a big, cream bow.

besides the gold accents, i pretty much avoided all of the crazy christmas sections...they can be a little over kill at hobby lobby and walmart!

i also only chose to use my ornaments that had some white, gold, cream, or silver in them.
too bad she is going to the chipper this weekend.

at least i have my new winter wreath that i found at that estate sale!