Sunday, December 30, 2012

is christmas really over???

merry christmas friends! i am still saying it proudly when i see friends at church and around town.  i know i will have to switch over to "happy new year" soon, but until then, i'm still celebrating! no surprise, since i had such a hard time saying good bye to the season last year.  one confession is that i have been watching the christmas video i made last year on my tv a few times, (thanks to our new apple tv - highly recommend!) wishing i had had time to make another one this year.  oh well, maybe next year.  in the meantime, i have lots of photos to share with you about our christmas and i am so excited about that. i finally have some time to sit down, edit personal photos, and blog.  first up are a few quick photos from our little family christmas.  we celebrated with some gifts the night before we flew to new york.  we had supper together, exchanged some gifts, and opened the ones we had received in the mail.  it was so sweet and made me really excited for one day getting to stay at home for Christmas.  until then, we travel!  planning for chilly new york and sunny florida made packing a little hectic, but it was all worth it for seeing the city and spending time with family. I also got to take lots of photos, which of course I loved.  I'll be back with more later!  

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry christmas!

merry christmas everyone!
hope your day is merry and bright.
we are relaxing in sunny florida
after a fun filled trip to new york city! 
more on that, later. 
now to relax and celebrate our Savior's birth!

Monday, December 24, 2012

supper club christmas

here are some photos from our supper club christmas a few weeks ago.
white elephant gifts, the daniels' beautiful tree, yummy food, college friends, and gus the pup!
it was such a fun night. sorry it took me forever to post these! tis the season to be busy :)

mast mcbride

looking for a last minute christmas gift? check out mast-mcbride.
one of our good friends, kirk, started his own tie business and he is incredibly talented.
the ties are amazing quality, made in the usa, and so unique.
mast-mcbride and the love list had a little holiday party a few weeks ago,
with spirits from firefly distillery and sweetwater brewery,
snacks from jct,
and music from harrison powell.
it was such a fun night seeing friends and celebrating mast-mcbride!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree.

something that you don't think about
when you are trying to find a place to live in a new, big city is
"how am i going to get a christmas tree in this place?"
we love our little condo,
we really do;
however, it can be extremely difficult getting anything in and out of it
(including visitors, groceries, photography gear and luggage).

last year, we had quite an adventure
trying to get our little christmas tree
through the garage,
up the elevator,
down the hall,
and into our condo.

thankfully, operation sneak the christmas tree into the condo, year two, was a success.
now, let the decorating begin!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving, friends.
hope you are having a great day with people you love,
and eating lots of yummy food!
let the christmas festivities commence!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


happy sunday, friends!
i am enjoying the start to my week off
with a fabulous weekend in the city.
more on our weekend, soon. 
until then,
enjoy these pretty tulips!
they definitely brighten up our lady bug infested condo :) 

Monday, November 12, 2012

dear today

happy monday everybody. i'm back with some more letters.

dear fishies, i'm so sorry that all nine NINE of you died.  i promise i tried my hardest to keep you all alive.  was it the food? the water? the filter? the brand new expensive tank that we bought you? we tried, people. we really tried.

dear ladybugs,  thank you for infesting our condo yet again.  we are so glad that you have chosen us for your hybernation location.  nothing is better than coming home after a long day and getting to spend an hour vacuuming you up.  also, love that smell you produce right before i kill you.  you are really kind ladies. 

dear baking soda, you are my new favorite friend! you are keeping mr. dyson fresh during this stinky ladybug season.

dear hair and nails, i spent some time (and money) on you this weekend. you are welcome.

dear last hair cut, i'm sorry that our favorite hair dresser up and left us for NYC.  i will find you a new favorite soon (i hope).

dear georgia bulldogs, thank you for beating florida AND auburn this year.  i'm so proud of you.

dear texas a&m, who knew you had it in you?! way to go beating the #1 team in the sec.  on behalf of the sec, welcome.

dear future abode, where are you, friend? please let me know soon. i'm really getting tired of feeling like every weekend we are on a new episode of hgtv's house hunters.  i'm running out of ways to say "oh, isn't she cute" and "i think we can fit our clothes in that closet".

dear blue donkey coffee, thank you for selling your iced coffee at whole foods.  i just might be able to make it to christmas.

dear christmas decorations, get ready to live.

and last, but certainly not least:: 

dear husband, i missed you this weekend. you really are the best.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

fall, i love you. you really are my favorite.

check out these beautiful fall leaves!
while i was at piedmont park this weekend, 
the beauty of creation literally stopped me in my tracks 
and i just had to capture these gorgeous leaves.
thankful that my God created such beautiful things 
to remind me of His presence and how much He loves us!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

fightin' texas aggies

 happy saturday! here are the last few pictures from last weekend's adventures.  i had blogged here and here about our time with our dear friends from houston, but ran out of time to mention about our travels to auburn to cheer on the fighting texas a&m aggies!  we sported our maroon and white and gigged those auburn tigers.  we have been watching a lot of aggie football this season, thanks to the conference change.  i had not been to an a&m game since husband was there in college, so i was super excited to cheer on my #2 team.  it was surprisingly freezing, but we did make it out to tailgate and see our favorite auburn tigers before the game.  such a fun weekend - nothing beats fall in the beautiful south! happy football watching.

Monday, October 29, 2012

west egg for brunch

after visiting piedmont park and perusing the farmers market, 
we headed over to the westside to one of our favorite brunch places ::

if you haven't been yet, go. tomorrow.
everything is good.
i highly recommend the brown sugar bacon, 
the eggs benedict,
and the skillet potatoes.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

piedmont park farmers market

we had some visitors this weekend all the way from texas! we took our sweet friends to piedmont park saturday morning to show off our beautiful city.  it was a perfect fall morning with a crisp breeze and lots of golden leaves all around.  we enjoyed all the sites of the piedmont park farmers market and i changed everyone's lives by introducing them to the best iced coffee in the land :: blue donkey's summer almond.  definitely a hit.  hopefully coming to whole foods soon! more on our weekend, soon.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

pumpkin fish bowl

last night we had a pumpkin carving contest at small group, husbands vs wives style.
no one really won, but i wanted to share the boys' version :: pumpkin fish bowl. 
pretty creative!
bonus, room 019 now has 9 class pets.  NINE.