Sunday, February 6, 2011

gasparilla weekend

oh hey there. every time i miss a week {or two} on the blog i start feeling guilty for neglecting the poor girl. i feel like lately i start off my posts with an apology due to my absence. but i am going to try not to apologize any more. why such boldness? because i know you are just as busy as i am and you totally understand how life can get crazy and before i know it, it's 10 pm and i have to choose between blogging and getting ready for bed. blog world, i love you, but sleep always win.

speaking of sleep, i know that the ferguson's aren't getting much these days, because EXCITING NEWS! darby arrived on wednesday. it was my first trip to the hospital to visit a new mom and baby and it was sweet. darby is a doll and i am so excited for my dear friend. i forgot my camera, but don't worry, i will be capturing her sweetness soon!

okay, so what have we been up to? last weekend we went to tampa to visit my fam and celebrate gasparilla. not from the bay area? what is gasparilla? i am not even going to try to begin to explain it to you. click here and here to learn more about it!

tyler even got the participate in the festivities as dad's guest pirate.

make up time

this year dad was the captain of ye mistic krewe of gasparilla which is a huge deal. he is basically the ceo of the krewe and in charge of the entire parade and taking over the city of tampa. the day was definitely a long one, full of lost of fun and pirate craziness.
here is a picture of dad's personal captain pin. pretty cool!the weather was perfection and i had a blast out on the bay watching the invasion take place!

it was fun going back to tampa to celebrate with the entire family. gasparilla has been a part of my life since i was a little girl in the children's parade, and it was so much fun watching tyler experience it for the first time.

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